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A unique, award winning, therapeutic animal assisted early intervention

Positive Change through Positive Engagement

Our Approach

The Baxter Project is an award winning, therapeutic early intervention that builds trusting relationships with young people by promoting positive engagement and, in turn, positive outcomes.

Empowering Through Canine Companionship

We use friendly, behavior-assessed dogs to empower vulnerable young people, bridging communication between them and our trained practitioners.

Tailored Wellbeing Interventions

Our one-to-one sessions employ evidence-based techniques like trauma recovery, disistance theory, and motivational interviewing, tailored to each individual's needs.

Measurable Impact

We measure progress using a wellbeing assessment tool, collecting feedback through questionnaires. The data we gather helps us measure progress and ensure the best outcomes for those we support.

Collaborative Engagement

Working directly with schools, we target the most challenging and vulnerable pupils, promoting wellbeing and resilience in both primary and secondary students.

What we offer

Helping children discover their inner strength and resilience

Early Intervention

We strive to mitigate the long term risk of negative consequences resulting from childhood trauma or adversity.

Early Intervention

This is Rolo, he supports Young people in Cardiff High School and Bryn Celynnog Comprehensive.
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Maximise Engagement

We adopt a range of techniques to promote positive engagment starting with the presence of our four legged friends.

Maximise Engagement

This is Bailey, he supports young people in Llantwit Major School as well as Ogmore Vale, Tremains and Penybont Primary Schools.
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Wellbeing Boosting Support

We promote Physical, Social, Educational and Emotional wellbeing and strive to improve resilience.

Wellbeing Boosting Support

This is Torvi, she supports young people in the Mary Immaculate and their four feeder schools, working with pupils either side of transition.
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Why Choose Us

Building a brighter future for children, one step at a time.

Award Winning Provision

Winner of Welsh Social Business of the Year 2021 - Recognition of the importance, value and success of our work.

Unique and Effective Approach

We stand out not only because of our canine companions, but our engagment boosting techniques, ability to engage the disengaged and impressive success rate.

Professional & Experianced Team

Our specialist practitioners are highly trained, using evidence-based techniques striving to empower young people to thrive.

Measurable Progress

We provide qualitative and quantitative data, documenting our impact and providing ongoing feedback. Our routine progress reports include statistical insights, contributing measurable information to the overall wellbeing strategy.

Cute Dogs

We love becoming part of the school community, our support puts smiles on faces of everyone at school, not just those lucky enough to work with us.

If you can laugh together, you can work together.

Our sessions are deliberately light hearted and enjoyable.  We want young people to want to engage with us.  The plethora of techniques we adopt, including the presence of dogs, are meticulously designed to maximise engagement and make the experience positive for all involved. 

Positive Engagment

Disengagement renders an intervention futile. Our initial task is to make engagement desirable. Our techniques are designed to, and achieve just that. Often pupils request to be a part of our provision such is our popularity and desirability.

Positive Relational Development

We strive to create near-peer relationships with our young people, of course there are boundaries, but we offer consistency, predictability & reliability, a stable base for relationships to be built upon.

Positive Outcomes

Once a trusting relationship has been established, our team are in a position to be able to question anti-social or disruptive attitudes and behaviours with little resistance and discuss alternative, pro-social options.


What they say about us

Dont take our word for it, have a read of what some of the schools we support have to say about us.

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