Therapeutic Activities Group CIC Info

We are a part of Therapeutic Activities Group CIC

Therapeutic Activities Group CIC (TAG) is a Community Interest Company and Social Enterprise dedicated to enhancing the physical, emotional, educational, and social wellbeing of young adults and children in our community. We specialise in Trauma-Informed Therapeutic Interventions, using the Trauma Recovery Model to build positive relationships. Our techniques are designed to maximise engagement, ensuring that our sessions are both enjoyable and purposeful. The young people we work with feel valued and invested in and it’s this foundation of positivity that facilitates meaningful change.

We pride ourselves on engaging those who are often disengaged, having positive impacts with young people with diverse backgrounds, abilities, and needs.

How we support young people

We offer a range of support services aimed at:

  • Increasing self-confidence, self-esteem, and resilience
  • Reducing anxiety and stress
  • Developing positive attachment and trust
  • Aiding emotional, cognitive, behavioural, educational, and social development
  • Increasing general fitness and wellbeing
  • Developing structure and routine
  • Improving positive engagement, behaviour, and responsibility
  • Reducing loneliness, isolation, and depression
  • Supporting recovery from experienced trauma

Our programs encourage exercise, play, and, above all, rapport building. We set the standard for Specialised Trauma-Informed Therapeutic Interventions, breaking the mould with our innovative approaches.

Our Core Values

  • Safety
    Trauma sensitive and compassionate care during contacts. The creation of spaces where participants and colleagues feel emotionally, and physically safe as well as an awareness of any potential discomfort or unease.
  • Trust
    Building of relationships based on clarity and consistency, honest programme delivery with appropriate boundaries and mutual recognition of confidentiality and safeguarding procedures.
  • Education
    Develop an understanding of past and present experiences and learn coping strategies for the future maintenance. Build educational wellbeing, nurturing positive attitudes towards education and positive relationships with peers. Similarly, the provision of ongoing training and development for colleagues.
  • Respect
    Relationships are built on mutual respect. Valuing differences and allowing others to express themselves, display consideration and helpfulness, work in collaboration, building partnerships to achieve shared goals.
  • Support
    Ongoing support to both colleagues and young people. Quality of life is enhanced when people feel supported.

Our Vision

Our vision is to set the standard in the delivery of Specialised Trauma-Informed Therapeutic practices. We recognise the need for our programs across the country and aim to lead the way in trauma recovery in every area we engage in.  Join us at TAG as we strive to make a lasting impact on the lives of young people, fostering a brighter, healthier future for all.